Oct 292017

BeIN Sports MENA : Premier League force a reduction in 3pm Saturday games due to piracy

BeIN Sports MENA have the rights for all 380 Premier League games, which is on reason many people subscribe to this package.

However, in the last week or so, only one of the many 3pm Saturday kick offs have been shown.

BeIN Sports presenter Richard Keys still promotes promotes his show as “the biggest football show on the planet on #beINSPORTS – 3 live PL games”, with fans flooding his twitter page with comment about how can it be when they are not showing all the promised Premier League matches.

With no official word from the EPL or BeIN as to the reason, we have to assume this is again down to piracy issues.

A few years ago, BeIN only shows one 3pm kick off, blaming piracy. It took a few months for them to “go secure” and the full range of matches to be shown. Given that BeIN are still secure via satellite, one has to assume that the issue is with their internet streaming, and how these streams are making it onto the internet and IPTV services.

How long this will take to resolve is unknown, but it does mean many football fans who have paid for the BeIN package are upset at no being able to watch what was promised.


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  1. Richard Keys‏
    “Normal service is resumed. ALL today’s PL games are live on #beINSPORTS. ‘Live’ goals on 11. It’s the biggest football show on the planet”

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