Nov 012017

Two new HD channels on TDT in Spain

RTVE will start High Definition (HD) broadcasts on its La 2 and Clan channels on Tuesday, October 31st.

For the Clan HD channel, these transmissions will be made within the second RTVE multiplex, the RGE2, and will be already accessible for all the coverage areas of said multiplex in Spain, the same day 31.

For La 2 HD, which is a territorialized channel, the start-up will take place in stages:

– on the 31st the broadcasts will begin in the regional capital of Madrid,
– on November 7 in the regional capital that covers the rest of the national territory, except Catalonia and the Canary Islands,
– on November 14 will begin the emissions in Catalonia
– on November 21, this process will culminate with the start of the transmissions of La 2 HD in the Canary Islands, then all of Spain will be covered.

Access to the new HD channels is to be made by running the search process of new channels.

No modifications to installation equipment like aerials is required for these two new HD channels.

The current transmissions in SD standard definition are maintained for these channels.


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