Nov 172017

Premier League to offer more games? For more Money ? For more broadcasters?

Following the decision by Premier League club chairmen on Thursday to increase the number of games as part of the next round of television rights, up to 210 Premier League matches could be televised live in the UK from 2019.

Currently, 168 games are shown live per season, split between Sky Sports and BT Sport, with revenue from the two broadcasters being just over £5billion.

Reports suggest that the new rights deal is likely to include an increase to 210 matches could be achieved by the new Saturday-night slot — a package on its own of 28 games — with an extra 14 midweek or bank holiday fixtures

The next set of TV rights will cover three seasons starting August 2019, and with rumoured interest from Amazon entering the bidding, the Premier League is convinced it will be able to get even more revenue. The next rights deal is expected to be agreed by February with BT Sport, who are particularly keen on the Saturday-night slot, and Sky thought to be the main bidders. Interest from Amazon or Facebook would increase competition but they are not expected to bid for more than a single package of domestic rights

Obvioulsy costs of obtaining the right will be passed onto the customrer.

BT Sports customers who access BT Sport via Sky will pay more (£2.50 or £3.00 more per month) from early 2018 in the latest in a series of BT price rises.

Sky will be eager to win sufficient rights to shore up its recently launched Premier League channel, with the extra televised games potentially helping to fill schedules further.


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