Nov 302017 going free to air on satellite soon?, formally Motors TV, has been under the “free to view” system for a while now.

Free to view means that the channel is encrypted and needs a viewing card, but requires no subscription.

Today, it appears as though will soon be joining Freesat and going free to air – ie available even without a viewing card.

The channel broadcasts an extensive range of national and international racing series featuring cars, motorbikes, boats and aircraft. And a series called Bishops Garage with some chap called Adam King from Javea!

Although not confirmed, it should appear on Freesat very soon, but if you want you can try and manually tune your receiver using the following frequency details:

11.307 H, 27.500, 5/6, DVB-S, QPSK.

This frequency is on the UK beam, so reception will be similar to other UK beam channels, such as BBC and ITV.

This move will mean yet another channels is removed from the “Freesat From Sky” / “Free to view” viewing card service, with really only SOny Movies left, and may be an indication that this “non subscription sky viewing card ” service will no longer be supported.


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