Dec 132017

Movistar+ to cease broadcasting on Hispasat 30W

Movistar+, the Spanish operator of satellite pay-TV platform in Spain, will end the distribution of programs and services on the Hispasat satellites at position 30 ° W.

Movistar+ broadcasts will continue on satellite only on the Astra satellite at 19.2 ° E.

Termination of the service on Hispasat 30 ° W is expected in June 2018. Approximately 100, 000 Movistar clients will haave to have their dishes realigned to the Astra 1 satellites to continue to receive the service.

The use of these two satellite positions comes from the fact that in the early 90,s there were two different companies providing satellite TV to Spain, Canal satélite digital using Astra 19,2e and Vía digital using Hispasat at 30w. These companies merged, meaning that they had customers using both satellites. It now appears that operating two service is not cost effective, with Movistar+ opting to use Astra satellites for their coverage, which already has many HD channels operating.


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