Jan 142018

Large IPTV provider closed down

Late last week, a coordinated pan-European police action has closed down an illegal IPTV network

This service served around half a million subscribers across Europe with an offer of around 1,200 TV channels.

The service made it possible to watch major European TV broadcasters, including Sky UK, Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, the Greek Nova TV, the Dutch Ziggo Sport and Fox Sports, and many others.

The raids were conducted in Cyprus, Greece, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria during which 17 house searches took place Three suspects were arrested in Cyprus – two in Limassol (aged 43 and 44) and one in Larnaca (aged 53). Servers used to provide illegal access to the channels were shut down. The investigation also uncovered installed machine sites that work with the central server to relay subscriber channels.

“The servers used to distribute the channels were shut down, and IP addresses hosted by a Dutch company were also deactivated thanks to the cooperation of the authorities of The Netherlands,” Europol reports.

“In Bulgaria, 84 servers and 70 satellite receivers were seized, with decoders, computers and accounting documents.”

It is thought that a number of IPTV resellers and telecoms companies in Spain have also been affected, whose clients have lost their IPTV services as a result of this closure.

If you do use an IPTV service for your UK TV, it may be wise to pay monthly rather than a yearly fee upfront, so the financial loss should your IPTV provider be closed down is minimal.


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