Feb 202018

How to add C4HD to your Humax Freesat box

With the news that Channel 4 HD will be removed from Freesat boxes on Thursday 22nd February 2018 here is how to add C4HD to your Freesat Humax box in “Non Freesat Mode”.

“Non Freesat Mode” allows you to add free to air channels that are not found on the Freesat channel list.

These instructions are for a Humax Freesat HDR 1100S satellite receiver, but are similar for the Humax Freesat HB1100S satellite receiver.

  1. Press the Freesat button

2. Navigate to SETTINGS and press OK

3. Navigate to SYSTEM SETTINGS and press OK

4. Navigate to STB Mode and press OK

5. Press RIGHT to highlight “Change to non Freesat mode”

6. Press OK to enter Non Freesat Mode

7. Press OK to access the Non Freesat Mode channel search option screen

8. Press RIGHT to highlight Transponder and press OK

9. Navigate to “User Define” and press OK

9. Input the Channel 4 HD frequency settings

Frequency 11126

Polarization V

Symbol Rate 22000

FEC 5/6

and navigate to SAVE and press OK

10. Navigate to NEXT and press OK

11. Ensure that Network Search is “Off”, Scramble Type is “FTA”, and Channel Type is “All”, and navigate to Start Channel Search and Press OK

12. The channel search will start to look for Channel 4 HD.

13. Once the scan has completed, and Channel 4 HD has been found, press OK to save

14. You have now saved Channel 4 HD into the Non Freesat Channel list on your Humax Freesat Box.

Non Freesat Channel start from channel number 5000, as shown in the bottom left of the screen.

15. To return to Freesat, press the Freesat button, and Press OK


These instructions can also be seen on this video, showing you how to add C4HD to your Humax Freesat HDR1100S box in non freesat mode

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  8 Responses to “How to add C4HD to your Humax Freesat box”

  1. You can’t record non freesat channels but tnx for info

  2. Foxsat HDR boxes with Custom Firmware can record and move the channel to the ‘normal’ list

  3. Hi,
    Many thanks for guide, very easy to follow.

    I do, however, have a question:

    How do I get back to watch Freesat programmes other than turning it off and back on again?

    I don’t have a Freesat button on my (after market) remote.

    Kind regards,

    • Simply go back into the menu system and change STB mode from “non Freesat Mode” to “Freesat mode”

      If you do not have the Freesat button to access the menu, then simply press the TV Guide button and scroll down to settings

  4. Today 05/12/18 I’ve tried to find c4hd using the search parameters given, and am getting zero results. Has the channel been pulled from the satellite, or have parameters been changed please? Ade

  5. Advert
  6. Follow-up comment……succeeded in finding c4hd by changing to simple DVB rather than DVB-S. Ade

  7. I am using Foxsat HDR and CAN record Non-Freesat (Channel 4) but only MANUALLY.
    This is way better than nothing!

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