Feb 212018

BT Sport changing their payment dates

BT Sport are sending an email to all their clients informing about a change in the way payments are made.

Instead of billing at the end of the viewing period, BT Sport will now charge you in advance.

So for one month, you will see two payments being made, one for the month just gone, and one for the month ahead.

Their email is as follows:

We’ve recently changed the way we bill you for BT Sport. At the start of your contract we were billing you at the end of the month you used the service, instead of for the month ahead.
We’ve changed this so we now charge in advance for your BT Sport service. This means that on a recent bill you will see two charges. The first is for the month just gone and the second is for the upcoming month.
Don’t worry, you’re not paying more than you should. On the bill after this one you’ll only see one charge again (for the upcoming month).
We’re sorry for any confusion. If you’d like any further information click here.


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