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Netflix to be added to Sky Q and Now TV boxes — 3 Comments

  1. Netflix isn”t going anywhere anytime soon. Their revenue stream is enormous and they have enormous amounts of cash at their disposal to take risks with movies like BRIGHT and THE IRISHMEN without batting an eye. The stock is more than 3x”s what it was just two years ago, an all-time high even accounting for the split in 2015. It is a juggernaut. I”m sure they may lose some business here and there as other studios, namely Disney, develop their own streaming platforms, but it is unlikely Disney restricts their content specifically to their own platform and will continue to lease it out to Netflix (likely a year or two after their streaming service premieres). But I”m with you – so far Netflix”s quality movies are drastically outnumbered by the average and bad ones. They need to step up the quality because sooner or later, they will have to answer to stock holders if subscribers are dropping. Or, Apple (hell, maybe even Disney) will end up buying Netflix and it”ll all be a moot point. I really want to see Annihilation on the big screen (hoping to see it tonight, but let me know your thoughts when you get a chance!), but I don”t think it”s coming to US Netflix for a few more months.

    • SkyQ needs a wideband LNB
      I dont think they make wideband LNBs for large 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.1m prime focus dishes, so you may need to “adapt” an offset wideband LNB for your prime focus dish.

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