Mar 192018

BeIN Sports (Mena) receiver update required

BeIN Sports (Middle East and North Africa) have issued an update for their receivers.

This update is for official BeIN Sports “White and purple” receivers, and for older Humax “Al Jazeera” receivers.

This update the software of your Set top box should be done before the April 15th 2018.

For anyone using BeIN sports receivers, if you see an an screen message to update your receiver please do so.

For official BeIN Sports “White and purple” receivers:
– go to BeIN Sports 1
– Press the On / Off button on your remote
– the software update should automatically start and your receiver will reboot

For older Humax “Al Jazeera” receivers:
– Press Menu
– Go to Settings
– Go to Systems
– Go to IRDETO Software update
– Start the update

If the “IRDETO Software Update” option is “greyed out”, then your receiver may already have the latest firmware / software installed.

For more on what receivers are affected, and what to do for those receivers, please see the video below:


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  28 Responses to “BeIN Sports (Mena) receiver update required”

  1. I did the steps on my white and purple receiver to update the system but the receiver goes on loop to find the signal for three hours without updating. What can i do to updade?.

    • Make sure you are on the correct satellite and channel (as per the video).
      If not then contact BeIN or your satellite person to check the system out for you if it is unable to locate the signal

  2. The iredeto bottom is not clickable.

    How can I resolve this problem

    • If it is “greyed out” and not clickable, then your receiver may already have the latest software.
      Check by going into the system information, and you should have software from Feb 2018.

      • Iredeto bottom is greyed out but the latest software for my Humax 1000S receiver is from December 2017.

        • Did you find a solution to the E30-4 error on IRHD-1000s I’m also stuck, all beIN channels are srambled

        • same problem, last time I contacted support they tried to send me a signal to install the update and it also didn’t work, they said they will contact me by phone soon. I’ll update you when I can.

  3. The UREDETO is greyed out; however, all subscribed channels are not available , the screen reads “E207-4”

    • Mine is the same, something wrong with the irhd-1000s receivers. As i discovered its firmware version should be newer than 02.02, if anyone has or know how please tell us.

  4. Mine hd free the irdeto is blank 17jan 2013

  5. All my chanals are not working it’s says E30-4 service is currently scrambled & my the irdeto is not clickable i forgot to update at 15th of April what can I do ????

  6. Advert
  7. All my chanals are not working it’s says E30-4 service is currently scrambled & my the irdeto is not clickable i forgot to update at 15th of April what can I do ????

    • My fellow friend. If your box is rebooting every 30-40 minutes, then you need to update to the latest. I think they are blocking some of the channels for the worlcup. You can unlock these if you subscribe additional channels. I called bein sport to resolve these and the helped me download the latest software. Then, it needs to be factory reset to activate the latest firmware.

  8. The IRDETO Update is greyed out
    And the latest update was in 2014 according to the “System information ”
    How can i solve this problem??
    All channels read ” E30-4 Service is currently scrambled ”

  9. Ok.
    So I got hold of a HD Free unit that was not updating (it was on versions 1.02.07) and channels were blocked.
    Tried a few things.
    And now had the channels back.
    My solution can be found here :

  10. Hello there
    i am having the same problem, screen error e207-4, loader version 79, is there any new software for this device?

  11. I didn’t download the new software on April 15, I called the center and they told me that the technical support will call me back, nobody called in Bein. What to do.

  12. Advert
  13. I did the update many and many times but it cannot be read by the receiver
    What can i do

  14. hello I can’t do the IRDETO update because its greyed out, I can’t select it. is there a way to do it manually? thank you

  15. is their a manual way to update Humax hd free to the latest version . irdeto update is greyed out and my current version is from feb 2014 so it’s old

  16. The receivers are hanging up a several times a day .
    Really not good .

  17. hd free software plese send

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