Apr 062018

Some “TV in Spain” Top Tips

Here are some top tips about receiving and watching UK TV in Spain are good to know, given some of the callouts I have been to this week.

  1. Freeview boxes connect to a TV aerial. They do not work with a satellite dish.
  2. Using a Freeview box connected to a TV aerial in Spain, and you will only receive the Spanish TV channels. You will not receive ANY UK channels via a TV aerial in Spain. Thus Freeview IS NOT available in Spain
  3. Freesat boxes work with a satellite dish.
  4. Which satellite channels you can receive will depend on where you are in Spain and what sized dish you have. For channels like BBC, dish sizes range from 80cm to 5m, depending where yo are in Spain.
  5. Channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five are all “free to air” on UK satellite. This means they require no viewing card and no subscription.
  6. Sky will be making some big changes to their channel numbering in May 2018 ( see ) .
  7. You can now watch Sky Go and Now TV and a few other Sky TV apps in Spain without the need of a VPN or Smart DNS service ( ) .
  8. “Dave”, “Drama”, “Really” are all subscription free on UK satellite TV.
  9. Heavy rain in your area will affect channel reception.
  10. Loss of signals can mean your satellite dish is not aligned correctly, your LNB is not aligned correctly, your LNB is damaged, your dish is warped out of shape, your cabling is bad, your connections are bad….

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  4 Responses to “Some “TV in Spain” Top Tips”

  1. End on April 2018 .all channels seem to brake up about 4 to 4.30 pm.we are in Quesada near rojales.we have a sky + box and card we pay UK has worked very well here for 7 years. We have the sky 1 package .

    • Possible causes are :
      your dish is too small for where you are,
      your dish is not aligned correctly,
      your dish is warped (strong winds can warp the dish out of shape),
      your LNB is not aligned correctly,
      if a “big prime focus dish) you may have insects or debris inside the LNB
      you have cable connection issues,
      you have poor cabling (if in the sun the sun can damage the cable, and let rain water into the cable which can damage the cable, LNB and reciever),
      your receiver is going.
      So you need to get it checked out by a local TV installer.

  2. Hi I’m in Polop and I hav e a 1.2 dish a new black twin llnb can get all he channels BBC 1 2 c4 c5 in hd but no ITV hd .

    • It could be one of the following:
      – the dish is slightly too small to get that channel in your location
      – the dish is not aligned correctly
      – the LNB skew is not aligned correctly
      – and in the past I have found that the Inverto Black LNB is not that good at getting ITV HD – ie it is not the best LNB. No idea why installers still use that LNB when they dont perform that well

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