Apr 192018

BeIN Sports (Mena) Receiver Updates Not Working – this solution worked for me!

It was announced previously ( see ) that receivers used for BeIN Sports (MENA) would require a firmware / software update in April 2018.

Many of these receivers automatically update to any new version of firmware / software it finds.

However, some have found the receivers are not updating to the latest versions of firmware / software.

And are finding the “IRDETO Software Update” option “grayed” out and not available.

So they cannot update their receiver, and have lost their BeIN Sports (MENA) channels as a result.

So, I managed to find a Humax HD Free receiver used for BeIN Sports that had this issue.

And this is how I solved the issue, got the software / firmware updated, and the channels back.


The Humax HD Free receiver I had was stuck on software / firmware 1.02.07.

I upgraded the Humax HD Free receiver via USB to 1.02.09 (file here : HD-FREE V10209_L23 )

IMPORTANT NOTE This is a file for the Humax HD Free receiver, and will not work on other receivers! Find the right file for your receiver. I am not responsible if you load this file into the wrong receiver and damage your receiver, or damage your box during the upgrade process.

  • Download the file,
  • unzip the contents onto a FAT USB stick.
  • Unplug the receiver from the power.
  • Insert the stick into the receiver.
  • Press and hold the ON / OFF button on the box, and reapply the power cable.
  • Once the download starts, you can release the ON / OFF button.

I made sure that the receiver was on BeIN Sports 1 HD.

Then after a few (at least a dozen!!) reboots, Software update button became available in white.

But for the first 6 or 7 times with rebooting in between, it found no new software.

Then after yet another reboot, it located the new software and update!!!

I have no idea why it has taken this many reboots to do, but all is working again.

Hopefully you have the same success as I have.

Time consuming, but it worked.


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  11 Responses to “BeIN Sports (Mena) Receiver Updates Not Working – this solution worked for me!”

  1. Hello there
    i am having the same problem, screen error e207-4, loader version 79, is there any new software for this device?

  2. Im onto my 11th try and nothing, its had many a software update on it and time, but its still scrambled, i renewed my sub in may for the WC… its so frustrating.
    Has anyone a number to contact Bein in Qatar, the 133 is no good… i need a landline or direct contact with someone if thats possible

  3. Please send me the software error E30 IR 1000S HD and IR3000HD

  4. i need software error e30-4 my recever hd 1000s i can get your help my smart cardi no 10161838106

  5. Can any one help me how to watch beinsport channels on nilesat 7w

    • Get a dish, of the required size for wherever you are (which you do not say so no one knows what exactly you need), get a Bein Sports box and card, and off you go. But there are not many BeIN Sports channel left on 7 West, so if you can get 25.5e better there.

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