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Sky Channel Number Changes from 1st May 2018 – new channel numbers announced — 3 Comments

  1. channel 103 ITV HD is breaking up
    I live in LLIRIA can you help my system was working fine before today and you installed the and aligned the dish
    thanks in advance

    • As per the main post there have been some changes today.

      Before this morning, 103 was your local ITV1 region in SD.
      This morning 103 became your local ITV1 region in HD.
      Your ITV1 region in SD, which “was working fine before today” on 103 is now on sky channel 803. And will be “working fine” and the same as it was before todays changes.

      ITV1 HD reception can be tricky. And is very dish size and location specific.
      Nothing has changed re reception or frequencies…which you should be able to confirm as your ITV1 HD would also be “breaking up” before todays move on its previous channel number of 178.

      But if you want me to come and realign your dish for you, you will need to send me an email with your address, and contact details, – do not post them on a reply to this message as it may get posted on this site.

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