May 092018

Using a Sky HD box and recently lost signal for your ITV1 on channel 103?

As a result of the Sky channel number changes on the 1st May 2018, some Sky digibox users may have been allocated ITV1 HD on channel 103.

And as a result you may have a “no signal” message for that channel.

As a result of many (many) phone calls and emails over the last week or so, hopefully this will help.

Firstly, if you want your old “Standard Definition (SD) ITV1 back, it is now located on Sky channel number 803.


Or if you want your ITV1 HD on 103 to work, then you may need
– your dish realigned
– your LNB realigning
– a new LNB (as quite a lot of LNBs that we have seen that have been installed by other installers are simply no good in getting ITV1HD)
– in the worst and costliest case, your dish upgrading to the next size up (a 110x120cm or 125x135cm dish should be OK in getting ITV1HD in my service area)

Some may also be having the same issues with Channel 4 and Channel 4 HD on 104.
The SD version of Channel 4 will be on Sky channel 804.

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