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Paramount Network UK now available — 8 Comments

  1. Hi, I have tried to manually tune my freesat box to pick up paramount following your information but it doesn’t appear in the list. I am currently in the UK, Any help appreciated, thank you.

  2. Hi
    I am also trying to get the paramount channel on Freesat, I can get it when I switch the humax to freeview, I have tried to change frequency and manually add it but it won’t work, also the humax remote won’t let me record anything while on freeview, is there a way of adding it to Freesat or even recording the channel while on freeview mode. have tried ringing humax but no help.

    • Hi
      Paramount is not on Freesat.
      Paramount is on Freeview channel 57 (assuming you are in the UK, as Freeview is not available in Europe, and is only available via a TV aerial, and not by satellite!)

      However, although Paramount is not on Freesat, as it is unencrypted, you can still add it to your Freesat box, but in “non freesat mode”.
      This will NOT add it to the Freesat channel list, but to the “non freesat mode” channel list.

      If your Freesat box is in “non freesat mode”, then it may not record planned recording in Freesat mode. And the current Freesat boxes do not allow you to record “non freesat mode” programmes or channels…that is the way Freesat have designed their software

  3. i also cant get paramount on free sat but it was on non free sat list but since ive retuned i cant get it now . this also applies on my manhatten box can you explain.

    • First, it is not on Freesat.
      Hence the need to add it manually.
      And it is still on the same frequency it has been on since its launch in July.
      So make sure you are inputting all the settings correctly, as with them there is no other reason for it not to be there.

    • Try a rescan on your downstairs TV…?
      On Freeview it should be on channel 54
      On Youview it should be on channel 57

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