Aug 292018

Changes to Sky Sports from 1st October 2018

It appears that for people with a Sky HD box and subscribing to Sky Sports will be offered Sky Sports in HD.

But this will be charged at £2 extra a month, as opposed to £6 extra a month.

People affected have been sent the following letter / email.

In sport, fine details can make all the difference. So on 1 October, we’re replacing our standard definition Sky Sports channels with Sky Sports HD.

It also means your subscription will go up by £2 a month (rather than the £6 you’d pay for Sky Sports HD now). These changes will take place from 1 October.

You’ll see your new price below. You won’t start paying the additional £2 per month until your first bill due after XXXXXX.

Whether or not you have the choice to pay the extra £2 per month for the Sky Sports HD channels or not remains to be seen.

But it looks like Sky Sports in HD is to be the default offering.

Much like how Sky Movies in HD is the default offering.

This does not apply to Sky Sports customers who are still using an SD digibox. But perhaps this is the start of a move to get all their existing SD customers onto new Sky HD boxes.



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