Sep 222018

Free F1 on C4 in 2019 : more details

From 2019, Sky will have exclusive rights to F1 in the Uk.

However, Channel 4 will show highlights of all race weekends, and show the British Grand Prix live.

This week more details about the C4 deal and coverage has emerged.

One of the changes is when the highlights show can be aired.

Currently C4 are allowed to start their highlights programme 2 hours after the race ending.

Under the new deal, C4 now have to wait for three hours after the race ending before they can start their highlights programme. For European races, this is not so much of an issue. However, for races in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and under the lights in Bahrain, this becomes an issue, as highlights for these races will not start on C4 until nearly midnight. Not ideal for C4, but perhaps they can instead show them on Monday?

Also, race highlight made available by Sky to C4 will be reduced by 7 minutes… (who and how did they come up with that number!?)

And we can expect some minor changes to C4s presentation group, as I doubt they will need all the presenters and analysts that they currently have for such reduced content.


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