Oct 092018

Sony Movie Channel joins Freesat

Columbia Pictures Television is launching the Sony Movie Channel on Freesat

Today. (9th October 2018)

Sony Movies will be available on Freesat channel 302

This does mean a small reshuffle in the film section of the Freesat EPG.

Sony Movie Channel launches on channel 302
True Movies (True Christmas) has moved to channel 303
True Movies+1 (True Christmas+1) has moved to channel 304
Movies4Men has moved to channel 305

This follows test transmissions in the during September, associated with a transponder move that brought it and its +1 service on to a UK spot-beam. Meaning its reception in Spain will be similar to that of channels like BBC and ITV.

Prior to this, Sony Movies was available on a ‘free-to-view’ basis on Sky receivers – using their “freesat from sky / free to view / non subscription” viewing card. This means that now the “freesat from sky / free to view / non subscription” viewing card only unlocks about two channels.


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