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Changes to BBC HD channels via satellite soon — 10 Comments

    • No, this is for the main official public use satellite services on Astra 2 that are used by Freesat and Sky receivers… it does not affect the not for public use freeview back up services that you need to hack into on I907.

    • Difficult to say as you do not mention what sized dish you have (and am guessing your location by your email name!)
      The changes mentioned in the main post took place yesterday. The change in FEC means the signals are slightly weaker.
      So if your dish is too small to receive them then the only way to get them back is a larger dish.
      If you have the right sized dish, then it means your dish is probably not aligned correctly, and these changes have emphasized this.
      Or your Freesat box has not auto updated to the new frequency settings, so performing a Freesat scan may help bring back the channel on their new settings.

  1. Hi! I have an 80cm dish and lost BBC 1 and BBC 2 HD last week. What size dish would I need to get them back? I’m in north Germany, maybe you could advise? Kind regards!

    • As per the main article, BBC channels changed some frequency settings this week.
      Hence why you have lost these channels.
      You may simply have to rescan the frequencies to pick up the new settings for these channels…
      Sky+HD boxes have automatically updated
      Most Freesat HD boxes have updated automatically – but some have required a new Freesat scan.
      Other satellite receivers will not have automatically updated so need you to manually scan the relevant frequencies.

        • A larger dish should help obviously, but I have no idea what sized dish you will need – reception here in Valencia area is a bit different to where you are, and although you say “north Germany”, reception varies a lot as you travel west to east in Germany.

          • Thanks for your replies. I’m in north west Germany so in a footprint zone where reception is generally good. I’ll try the larger dish.

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