Oct 282018

No, you cannot get UK Freeview in Spain…

After seeing many social media comments, and visiting people who bring Freeview boxes out to Spain to use with a satellite dish, time to reiterate that “you cannot get UK Freeview in Spain!”

UK Freeview is transmitted by the land based masts, like Emley Moor or Crystal Palace, and those signals are received by a TV aerial.

The nearest Freeview transmitter mast to Spain is in the Channel Islands. Those Freeview signals only just cover the Channel Islands. The Freeview signals simply do not reach Spain. Meaning UK Freeview is NOT available in Spain.

UK Freeview is also not available via satellite dishes. They are two different types of broadcast systems, and are not compatible with each other. ie you cannot use a Freeview box on a satellite dish!

I have been to many people in the last few months who, after reading people comments on Facebook that “we get Freeview in Spain”, have bought and brought to Spain a Freeview box, and expecting me to get it working on their satellite dish. Which obviously is impossible, despite the clients insisting that “their friend next door gets Freeview”.

Even some “installers” confusingly use the term Freeview in their promotions, posts, websites and names!

Freesat is the satellite equivalent of Freeview. Freesat IS available in Spain, although the size of satellite dish required to receive the channels on Freesat will depend on your location in Spain.

Freeview in Spain


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