Dec 092018

Recently lost BBC HD channels on Freesat… then read this

At the end of October, the BBC made some technical changes to its BBC HD channels.

Most Freesat and Sky receivers automatically updated to the new settings.

(as per our post back in October : Changes to BBC HD channels via satellite soon )

However some Freesat HD set top boxes did not, and so people see the “No Signal” on screen error message when trying to watch BBC HD channels.

The solution is to simply perform a new Freesat scan, which will update the channel settings on your Freesat HD box, and BBC HD channels should be available again.

Why are we doing this reminder? Well, we have recently heard of two instances where same other local UK TV “installers” took clients for a ride.

One person was told their Freesat HD box was faulty, and would need a new one in order to get the BBC HD channel back, which unfortunately that person did buy a new box. Their neighbour, a client of mine who had the same issue with their Freesat HD set top box and read my blog post about this issue, mentioned that all was needed was a new Freesat scan and that would have fixed the issue. The “installer” is now no longer answering their phone to this client, who would like their old box back and a refund.

In another instance that i have heard of, someone was told the reason why they were not getting BBC HD channels on their Freesat HD set top box, was that their dish, a 110x120cm satellite dish, was not the right satellite dish, and they would need a new 1.4m satellite dish in order to get the BBC HD channels back. Again they sought a second option and information, and performed a new Freesat scan, and their BBC HD channels returned…


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