Jan 202019

What is the best Wi-Fi in the Costa Blanca area?

Firstly, you need to understand what Wi-Fi actually is.

Wi-Fi is the name of technology used for wireless local area networking of devices. In other words, the wireless signals from a router to a device. Devices that can use Wi-Fi technologies include desktops and laptops, video game consoles, smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, digital audio players, cars and modern printers.

Wi-Fi allows compatible devices to connect to the Internet via a WLAN and a wireless access point (ie a router.)

To get the best Wi-Fi, it depends on your router, and your routers location in relation to the device you want to use.

If you have poor Wi-Fi coverage in your house, you can boost it using “Wi-Fi Boosters”, or “powerline” plugs.

Wi-Fi is not used to provide internet from a mast to your house. This type of system is called a “wireless Internet service provider” (WISP)

A WISP uses a land based mast to transmit signals to an antenna on your house. These signals can carry data for the internet. This type of system proves to be popular in rural areas where ADSL via landline is not available, although in recent years, it has also become popular in towns and cities also.


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