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Intelsat 907 (BBC Satback) at 27.5 West update — 3 Comments

  1. Oct 2019 UPDATE to this story:
    The MEV programme has been delayed, due to issues with the launch of the first MEV deployment.
    Still no notification as to if or when I907 will be MEVed.

    “Eutelsat & MEV satellite launch delayed

    International Launch Services, the commercial arm of the Russian Proton rocket launch system, has delayed the launch of Eutelsat’s latest craft, E-5 West. The delay also represents a delay for Eutelsat’s co-launch passenger, MEV-1.
    The dual payload launch was due for lift-off on September 30th, but is now delayed while a possible electrical issue is resolved.

    The issue is being investigated by Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, ILS said in a press release. Khrunichev and ILS will re-establish a new launch date once the issue was resolved.
    Eutelsat’s partner on the Kazakhstan launch is Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1), a so-called ‘space tug’ which is designed to launch to geostationary orbit and to attach itself to Intelsat’s 901 satellite.
    I-91 was launched in 2001 and is reportedly fully operational but low on fuel. MEV-1 should give the satellite an extra 5 years of lucrative working life. MEV-1 is capable of then detaching itself and moving itself to another rescue mission.”

    There are no rumours that the Intelsat-37e will replace the 907 satellite

    • Yes – the same for me in the south of France. I’ve got an Icecrypt box, but that company seems to have disappeared, so there’s no support. I can record with it, but only once. I then have to turn it off, then back on, and then I have to re-tune to Intelsat 907, as the box will have tuned to “all satellites”. Is there any way of changing something so that I don’t have to go through all this?

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