Jun 062019

“Smart IPTV” App removed from Samsung Tvs.

There have been reports this week that the Smart IPTV app, used for streaming live TV, has been removed from many Samsung Tvs.

It has been removed from Samsung TVs in the latest software update for the TVs.

There was actually no official announcement as to why this is done. Maybe complaints by rights holders, as the app can be used for pirate feeds. Maybe it is something to do with the new Apple apps, that were launched this week…coincidence?

If you still have the Smart IPTV app, then best turn off your TVs software updates….

Follow the steps below to stop auto update on your SAMSUNG TV

Go to Settings.
Select Support.
Select Software Update.
Select Auto Update.
Select OFF

It may still be possible to use the Smart IPTV app, via a manual install. It may be possible to manually install the SMART IPTV app by downloading the Software and placing it on a USB Stick and placing it in your Samsung TVs USB Slot.


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