Jun 072019

Freeview changes Monday 10th June 2019

On Monday 10th June, the following channel changes will take place for Freeview.

The changes are part of the preparation for the split of the UKTV Group of channels, where the current portfoilio of channels will be split between BBC Studios and Discovery. Home is to be taken over by Discovery, and is expected to be replaced by Quest as part of the changes.

Dave moves from channel 12

to channel 19
Yesterday moves from channel 19 to channel 25
Home moves from channel 25 to channel 12

You may need to perform a Freeview retune to ensure you can continue to receive these channels.

Note: These changes are for Freeview. These changes will not affect any satellite tv service from Freesat or Sky.
Freeview is UK TV via a TV aerial. Freeview is only available in the UK via a TV aerial. Freeview is NOT available in Spain, nor is it available via a satellite dish.


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