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Sony TV´s True Crime channel set to close again — 5 Comments

  1. WHERE IS THE SONY CRIME CHANNEL? – Sony removed from Freesat today
    WHY??? – As part of their recent Freesat and Freeview channel reorganisation.

    But, it is still (currently) broadcasting free to air on satellite. so you can still watch it, you just have to add it to your Freesat box in non freesat mode.

    (PS Posts in CAPITALS in internetland mean you are SHOUTING!)

      • Go into the menu system of your box , and go to non freesat mode….
        How you do this exactly depends which of the many freesat boxes you have…
        Then scan the Sony frequency : 11306 V 27500-5/6
        And the channel will be added to your non freesat channel list.
        (But note that if your box is in non freesat mode, it will not record anything that you have scheduled in freesat mode!)

        I did a guide a few months ago as to how to add C4HD to a Humax HD receiver in non freesat mode, so all you ahveto do (if you have a humax box), is follow that, and change the frequency : https://www.satandpcguy.com/2018/02/20/how-to-add-c4hd-to-your-humax-freesat-box/

        • You will also find that Sony are reducing the content on Sony Crime.

          “From 1st July 2019, Sony Crimes output will be reduced to reality crime programming, with crime dramas CSI, Hustle and The Glades dropping out of the schedule. “

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