Jul 182019

Discovery Channel Number Changes in July 2019

Discovery is to shuffle some of its channels numbers on Sky.

Most of these changes are due to the recent acquisition of three UKTV channels (Good Food, Really and Home) and in the aftermath of its takeover of Scripps Networks (Food Network, Travel Channel)

The main Discovery channel won’t be changing channel numbers.

The affected channels old and new channel numbers on Sky TV are listed below:

TLC will move from 140 to 133
TLC+1 will move from 240 to 243
Food Network will move from 172 to 140
Food Network+1 will move from 272 to 240
DMAX moves from 178 to 172
DMAX+1 moves from 278 to 272
Travel Channel moves from 198 to 178
Travel Channel +1 moves from 298 to 278
Good Food moves from 133 to 198
Good Food+1 moves from 827 to 866

The changes will happen on Wednesy 24th July, and will be automatic for all Sky users.


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