Aug 082019

Mass cull of expat Sky cards…

According to reports Sky have, last week and this week, switched off many Sky cards being used by expats to view UK TV.

Many people have seen a loss of access to the Sky pay channels, and although contacting their card provider, new cards are not thought to be able to be issues for a few weeks due to the numbers involved.

It appears as if Sky have started to switch off many sky cards thought to be used overseas, possibly from the one or two major “sky card dealers” who operate in the UK and issue cards to expats.

One report suggest over 700 Sky cards suspected of being used outside the UK have been cancelled this week.

In addition, this cull is also thought to affect Sky cards thought to being used for “iptv / streaming”, which is happening, coincidentally, just before the start of the new Premier League football season.

Sky cards are, via the terms and conditions of the sky contract, only for use in the UK. Although, as I understand it, under an EU court ruling a few years ago, it is not illegal to use a viewing card from one EU member state in another EU member state.

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  2 Responses to “Mass cull of expat Sky cards…”

  1. Yet you can still use the SkyGo app to watch Sky content abroad?

    • Yes, you still watch SkyGo UK in Europe for a limited number of days without then need of VPN / Smart DNS, because that comes under EU Portability rules, which the UK is currently part of (may change after Brexit).
      Sky UK viewing cards are not part of the EU Portability law, so Sky can cancel those they suspect of being used outside the UK and ROI.

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