Jan 152020

First image for the new Arris Freesat receiver

The first images for the new Freesat box, produced by Arris have been released.

Mid 2018, it was announced by Freesat that Humax had lost the contract to produce the Freesat+ HDR recording receivers. Which was a shame as they are very good and easy to use receivers. Since that announcement Humax have decreased production the Humax Freesat HDR boxes, the HDR-1100S, and today stocks of new HDR-110S receivers now almost non existent.

The new Arris Freesat HDR box was initially promised to be available “late 2019”, but date this passed, with no explanation given by either Freesat or Arris. “Testing” was the unofficial reason given by some “user testers”.

This has meant that basically there has been NO Freesat HDR boxes available for a few months, damaging Freesat reputation.

But today, Arris have release an image of the new Freesat HDR box, that they will be launching “soon”…no definite date again, but some say March 2020.

Freesat Arris HDR

Other than the box has 4K capability, details are very sketchy. And no indication as to how good the tuners inside these new Arris Freesat set top boxes is.

Although the box has 4k capability, it is a shame that there is very little 4K content available on Freesat. In fact only very limited content from BBC is available, and that is delivered via the internet, and needs speeds of at least 20m download to be able to watch. So this does seem a bit pointless by Freesat to dump the Humax HDR, one of the best Freesat boxes there has ever been, for an “unknown” Freesat producer.


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  1. Thank you for giving some insight, it is a pity Freesat themselves haven’t seen fit to update their website to mention it though! I have just had to buy a cheapie Sandstrom box as my Humax has just bit the dust, I will not pay the extortionate prices for another Humax box that now are for sale at around £350 for a ‘refurbished’ item. I hope that the price of the new box is not horrendously high though, as I might have to pay for an aerial and resort to Freeview. Arris being unknown, don’t they manufacture the Virgin media Tivo box?

  2. This new 4k freesat box does not record programs. It gives the specs on the freesat site.

    • Like Humax, they will be doing a recording and non recording box….
      “Our Recordable 4K TV Boxes are coming soon and will be available with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB of storage.”
      The box specs on the Freesat site are for the non recording box.

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