Jan 282020

Biss Key on Intelsat 907 at 27.5°West for the “Satback” service

Arqiva, who operate the UK Freeview service on behalf of the UK broadcasters, are leasing a transponder on the Intelsat 907 satellite located at 27.5 degrees West. In a deal signed in April 2007, Arqiva will use IS-907 to feed the signal to 90 main transmitter sites around the UK. The service on Intelsat 907 satellite is used for “emergency back up feeds” for the UK Freeview system, should the Freeview mast relay service lose its feed from their parent transmitter.

The service is commonly knownw as “BBC-Satback”.

For some expats living in Spain, in areas like the Costa del Sol where the main Astra 2 UK beam signals are very weak, the Satback service is one method of receiving some basic UK TV channels. However, as these signals are not for public use, they require certain receivers, and firmware patches and “BISS CODE” to hack into the encrypted signals.

For more information on the Satback Service on the Intelsat satellites at 27.5 West click HERE

BISS CODES for the Satback Service on the Intelsat satellites at 27.5 West

“Satback” Package
Intelsat 907 27.5° West

TP / Frequency : 11495 V 44100 9/10 DVB-S2/QPSK

Biss Key : 20 14 AC E0 DB 09 16 FA

Channel and SID Code:
BBC One London SID: 1044
BBC One Scotland SID: 107C
BBC 1 Northern Ireland SID: 107D
BBC One Wales SID: 107E
BBC Two England SID: 10bF
BBC Three (20-05) SID: 10c0
BBC News SID: 1100
BBC Four (20-04) SID: 11C0
CBBC (08-20) SID: 1200
CBeebies (07-20) SID: 1240
BBC Parliament SID: 1280
BBC promo SID: 1C00
BBC Two HD SID: 4440
BBC One HD SID: 4484
ITV 1 HD SID: 44C8
Channel 4 London HD SID: 4500
CBBC HD (07-19) SID: 4600
BBC Three HD (19-04) SID: 46C0


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