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New Arris Freesat 4K box officially released

Finally, months after Humax stopped producing their popular HB-1100S and HDR-1100S range of Freesat boxes and stocks of the Huamx Freesat boxes virtually zero in the UK, the new and latest Freesat boxes have been launched.


Manufactured by Arris, these boxes will be sold to retailers by Freesat themselves, and not by Arris.

Currently only the non recording box is available, but a recording box, with 500GB, 1TB & 2TB hard dives, will be released in the coming weeks.

This means that only two manufacturers are currently making Freesat boxes. Manhattan with their budget SX Freesat set top box, and Arris with their recording and non recording boxes.

The user interface on the new Arris Freesat box does look a bit like one that earlier Freesat boxes from Humax used. A bit of a step back if you ask me.



These new Arris Freesat boxes support 4k / UHD. But since there is a severe lack of 4K content on UK TV, only the youtube and Netflix apps on the box will currently support 4k.

The boxes will also support “wideband” lnbs, like those LNBs used for SkyQ. This will explain why the non recording receiver has two inputs for two tuners. The recording versions, to be released later, will have the option, with a wideband LNB, to record up to 4 channels at once. But they can still be used with the standard “universal” LNB.


The boxes will support Dolby Atmos audio. Again, a bit like the 4k compatibility, this will only be limited to Netflix and Youtube, since no broadcasters on Freesat uses Dolby Atmos yet.

These boxes are as yet untested for reception in weak signal areas like Spain. But I have a few on order to test and review. However, I would state that if you are currently using a Humax Freesat set top box like the HB 1100S, then there is no real reason to upgrade to this box at the moment.

Technical Specifications for the non recording Arris Freesat box

Tuner TypeFreesat HD and 4K
Number of Tuners2
Programme Guide7 days forward
Built In Hard DriveNo
Sound TypeDolby Atmos
Parental ControlsYes
Subtitles / Audio DescriptionYes
TV Standard44PAL
Internet ConnectionBuilt-in WiFi


On Demand Services

(Available outside the UK

with a VPN / Smart DNS service)

BBC iPlayer




Demand  5

STV Player


France 24

Pop Fun

App availableYes
Video ConnectionHDMI x1
Other ConnectionsUSB 2.0 x1

Optical Out x1

Box ContentsFreesat 4K TV Box

Quick Start Guide

Safety Notice

Power Supply Unit

Remote Control x1

HDMI cable x1

AAA batteries x2

Power Consumption

Standby mode:

1.06W Connected / 0.32W Unconnected

Full Operation:

9.1W Connected / 9.1W Unconnected

Dimensions40 x 180 x 120 mm (H x W x D)
WarrantyYes – 1 year

See our “unboxing” video at : https://www.satandpcguy.com/2020/02/14/unboxing-a-new-arris-freesat-uhd-x-4k-satellite-receiver/


  10 Responses to “New Arris Freesat 4K box officially released”

  1. Obvious omission – no Bluetooth!! Not all satellite stations have pictures!!! Probably costs £p to include a BT tx chip. Not very bright of the designers.

  2. Anyone know where to find instructions on how to program the remote control? I have the recordable box but I’m assuming the remotes will be the same or similar. Cheers

  3. Nice box but I wish the remote would not turn on the BT Youview box as well .

  4. ii have the new Arris 4k recorder, 1TB version. there are things that i found left off/out that i miss that are available on my Humax boxes. these are:

    no option in the box settings to change aspect ratio (older broadcasts that were in 4:3 cant be changed to wide screen as they can with the Humax
    no ‘red (i think) button’ option to watch a program from the start, as you can with some on some channels which is available with the Humax boxes
    no option to ‘Watch recording from start’ when part way through, again as you can with the old Humax boxes.

    i find these omissions quite a nuisance, especially the inability to change the aspect ratio when needed. people have paid a lot for new UHD, wide screen tvs and UHD Freesat, set top boxes in anticipation of more channels being broadcast in 4k (even though 8k is being tested atm i think this will be too expensive and be too big files!) and are stuck watching some programs in 4:3. Freesat themselves are uninterested and i cant find any details to contact Arris (probably hidden purposefully by Freesat!

    shame these options are omitted. overall picture is good and so far, recording/playback seems to function correctly

    • 4:3 pictures should really be left in 4:3 mode. Otherwise, when you change it to 16:9, then you are stretching and squashing the image out of shape, so the image is fat and small…(like fairground funny mirrors)…and everything just looks weird. Which is probably why it was left off as it is a pointless option to have, just to fill a screen with a distorted image.

      Highly unlikely there will be any free 4k UK TV channels in the near future. Barely enough content. And costs too much still, and takes up a lot of satellite capacity. Was pretty pointless bringing out a Freesat 4k box when there is no 4k content on UK channels. Just like everyone buying 3DTVs, when it was always known it would be just a short term thing (again), and would not catch on.

      But yes, there are lots of other annoying things wrong with the box…sometime netflix starts , most often it does not. Red button works when it feels like it…, but thanks for your comments.

  5. Advert
  6. Non-freesat tuning is so buggy. Only 4 digits for symbol rate and then tou can’t start a search. So no CH4 HD addition or 4K demo off Astra.

    Also keeps reporting HDR on switch on…annoying

  7. Had mine a month stopped working,unable to get hold of curry’s when I finally got through was cut off, tried web chat no good have emailed but by the reviews on curry’s I dont hold much luck they are all saying the same unable to get some waiting 1 to 2 hrs then getting cut off what a shambles.

  8. had problem just trying to buy using “my plan ” option .
    failed after 3 hrs, not trying phone to complain as not waiting 1 to 2 hrs. so have written to head office and still no reply.
    perhaps customers not important ?.

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