Feb 142020

Unboxing a new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver

Freesat – Subscription Free UK TV – 150 Subscription Free UK TV channels.

So I have my hands on a new 4K / UHD Freesat receiver, manufactured by Arris.

Earlier this week Freesat launched this new 4K / UHD satellite receiver, manufactured by Arris.

This is the “non recording” version. Even with the USB port on the receiver, and the addition of an external hard drive, you still cannot record from this receiver(unlike the Humax HB-1100S that it replaces.)

A recording version of the receiver, with 500gb, 1tb and 2tb hard drives, will be released “later”.

Apart from 4K support for Netflix and Youtube, the receiver does seem a bit pricey compared to its predecessor manufactured by Humax. And perhaps, if you have the previous Humax Freesat HD receiver, then upgrading to this box may feel unnecessary.

One thing to note is the Amazon packaging the receiver arrived in. The external packaging was not sealed, and so the contents could have been taken by anyone along the delivery route.

Apart from that nice looking receiver, and nice remote control.

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Will be putting it thought a test soon.

But, as noted in the comments, the remote control does have a letter missing… there is no “Z” on my buttons :

More information and specifications :


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  4 Responses to “Unboxing a new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver”

  1. So Freesat from Humax is no more then?
    Have they stopped manufacturing Freesat products now?
    The Arris thing looks cool but for me it’s about ease of use and having a good EPG setup. I’ll be interested to hear what you think after you’ve had a chance to test.

    • Yes, Humax stopped making Freesat boxes mid 2019. (I managed to get some of the last stock they made, so have a supply of their recording and non recording boxes still available here!)
      Ease of use looks as per any other receiver.
      The interface is a bit like older Humax Freesat functionality, but still looks good and clean.
      Will put it to the test over the next few days and see how it performs.

  2. Atrocious packaging!!!! Box looks like a downgrade. What’s the USB port for then?Remote missing a letter.

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