Mar 082020

Spanish TV Changes in 2020

Spanish TV received via a TV aerial is changing in 2020.

This is because the Spanish TV broadcasters will have to relinquish frequencies in the 694-790 MHz UHF band. The spectrum between 694 and 790 MHz, the so-called 700 MHz, has been auctioned to mobile broadband operators to facilitate the launch of 5G services in Spain.

All Spanish TV channels must move to frequencies below 694 MHz by June 2020.

To facilitate this, there will be a period of “dual broadcasting”, with the affected channels being transmitted on both old and new frequencies.

The main broadcaster affected, is RTVE, whose channels in most of Spain are on channel 58, at 770 MHz.

People who have their own individual aerials will simply need to perform a “channel scan” to receive the channels on their newly allocated frequencies.

People who share and aerial, and have a community distribution unit either a powered amplifier or a “module” system, will need these to be reprogrammed, or new modules for the new frequencies added. Best to contact your community President or Administrator to get this done for your community.

Some people may find their Spanish TV channels harder to receive as the channels are squeezed into the smaller range of frequencies. An masthead amplifier and power supply may be required to be installed to help with the low signals.


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