Mar 142020

Set up and review of the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver

In a previous post we unboxed the latest Freesat box offering from Arris.
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Now we show you the on screen set up process, and a few points that we found when setting it up.

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This is the “non recording” version. Even with the USB port on the receiver, and the addition of an external hard drive, you still cannot record from this receiver(unlike the Humax HB-1100S that it replaces.)

A few issues i found:
– My remote is not very responsive. Press a button on it, and there is a 4 second pause before you can press another button to the receiver to respond.

– the “Z” is not printed on any button on my remote control…!

– if you have “fat thumbs”, then when you press the OK button, you may also press the UP or DOWN button on the remote

– this receiver found 8 less TV channels than a Humax Freesat HD1100S receiver on the same connection…


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  4 Responses to “Set up and review of the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver”

  1. Useless response from freesat support number / email address themselves but wondered if you might be able explain something from your experience

    I’ve recently purchased a new Arris 2tb freesat receiver from Curry’s. So far reasonably happy with how it’s working, but I have a question around which of the LNB connectors to use on a Sky hybrid (mark 4) LNB.

    From the limited information available on line it’s suggested that I would need to connect to the wideband connectors in order to get 4 channel recording.

    Yesterday, I swapped my standard sky (mark 4 ) LNB for one of the Sky 6 Way Hybrid LNB for Q/HD (2 wideband connectors and 4 normal LNB connectors)
    The good news is that I can now record on four channels simultaneously.

    BUT, here’s the confusing bit I deliberately only connected the dish cables to two of the standard LNB connectors NOT the wideband ones to check no degradation in signal before switching to wideband.
    However I can still do four channel recording on the normal connectors, so how come I can do this, or is it the case that we don’t need wideband connectors for freesat?

    • I have not got a new Aris so cannot say for sure.
      So I shall use my experience of the previous Humax model.
      On that box I could watch one and record two using just one cable.
      As long as those channels were on the same frequency group / polarisation, and two of the channels were on the same frequency.

      So with your new box you may be just lucky in recording 4 channels that are on the same frequency or group / polarisation.
      (try channel 4, channel 4 +1 and sky news, Dmax, 4 channels, 4 different frequencies, and 4 different polarisations – as trying the likes of BBC1, bbc2, bbc news, and itv1, you may have got just two which the box may be able to handle)

      On a standard universal LNB, there are 4 groups, VH, VL, HH, HL, on a wide band LNB just two V and H

  2. I am looking at getting the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K. Do you know if it is possible to change the dns to enable seam free streaming on that box.

    • sorry, no idea what you mean by “seam free streaming”
      but so far havnt found any options to change the DNS on the box.

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