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Set up and review of the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver — 4 Comments

  1. Useless response from freesat support number / email address themselves but wondered if you might be able explain something from your experience

    I’ve recently purchased a new Arris 2tb freesat receiver from Curry’s. So far reasonably happy with how it’s working, but I have a question around which of the LNB connectors to use on a Sky hybrid (mark 4) LNB.

    From the limited information available on line it’s suggested that I would need to connect to the wideband connectors in order to get 4 channel recording.

    Yesterday, I swapped my standard sky (mark 4 ) LNB for one of the Sky 6 Way Hybrid LNB for Q/HD (2 wideband connectors and 4 normal LNB connectors)
    The good news is that I can now record on four channels simultaneously.

    BUT, here’s the confusing bit I deliberately only connected the dish cables to two of the standard LNB connectors NOT the wideband ones to check no degradation in signal before switching to wideband.
    However I can still do four channel recording on the normal connectors, so how come I can do this, or is it the case that we don’t need wideband connectors for freesat?

    • I have not got a new Aris so cannot say for sure.
      So I shall use my experience of the previous Humax model.
      On that box I could watch one and record two using just one cable.
      As long as those channels were on the same frequency group / polarisation, and two of the channels were on the same frequency.

      So with your new box you may be just lucky in recording 4 channels that are on the same frequency or group / polarisation.
      (try channel 4, channel 4 +1 and sky news, Dmax, 4 channels, 4 different frequencies, and 4 different polarisations – as trying the likes of BBC1, bbc2, bbc news, and itv1, you may have got just two which the box may be able to handle)

      On a standard universal LNB, there are 4 groups, VH, VL, HH, HL, on a wide band LNB just two V and H

  2. I am looking at getting the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K. Do you know if it is possible to change the dns to enable seam free streaming on that box.

    • sorry, no idea what you mean by “seam free streaming”
      but so far havnt found any options to change the DNS on the box.

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