Apr 032020

BBC Satback Update : Intelsat 901 now at 27.5W

The replacement for the Intelsat 907 satellite, that carries the BBC Satback service, Intelsat 901 has now arrived at 27.5 west, thanks to the MEV that was attached to Intelsat 901 and pushed it into place.

Satellite locations :
Intelsat 907 is located at 27,543 W

Intelsat 901 is located at 27,551 W

There are reports that a data service has already been transferred over from Intelsat 907 to Intelsat 901.

This may mean that TV services will also be moved over to Intelsat 901 shortly.

How this will affect reception of the BBC Satback service, that some expats in southern Spain and Portugal rely on since the signals from the official Astra 2 UK TV satellites are so weak in those areas, no one will know until the service moves. Although Intelsat 901 and Intelsat 907 are similar in build and beam alignments, there will be some differences in reception, which may well affect these “fringe” reception areas.

For more information on the service provided by Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west, please see here :

For more information on the plan to replace the Intelsat 907 satellite, as posted here.

For more information on the MEV docking to Intelsat 901 :


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  5 Responses to “BBC Satback Update : Intelsat 901 now at 27.5W”

  1. I use i907 and Im in Catalonia. Will the new beam likely affect that too? Do you think you will hear when the TV services moved over? Likely timescale?

    • Until the change has been done, there is no way of knowing what the beams or reception will be like from Intelsat 901.
      So it may affect you, it may not. No way to know before hand.
      I am monitoring various sites for indication of any service change overs.
      As for timescales…soon…or later

  2. Thanks

  3. At all services have been moved to 901 but all change dates are unchanged.

    • Do not take it as proof the services have moved to I901…most people checking the signals dont think anything has moved over yet

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