Apr 172020

Intelsat 901 has taken over Intelsat 907 operations at 27.5 West

Intelsat has finally confirmed that Intelsat 901 has taken over Intelsat 907 operations at 27.5 West.

In a statement issues today they confirmed that Intelsat 901 has returned to service following the successful docking with the first Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) from Northrop Grumman Corporation on February 25 – the first time that two commercial spacecraft docked in geostationary orbit.

Since the February rendezvous, MEV-1 has assumed navigation of the combined spacecraft stack reducing its inclination by 1.6° and relocating IS-901 to its new orbital location.

Intelsat then transitioned roughly 30 of its commercial and government customers to the satellite on April 2. The transition of service took approximately six hours. IS-901 is now operating at the 332.5°E (27.5w) orbital slot and providing full service to Intelsat customers.

This is good news for those in Southern Spain, Portugal, and who receive and hack into the encrypted feeds for the Satback service for their 10 UK TV channels, that serves as a back up to the Freeview distribution network.

Frequencies, and BISS codes remain the same (so far), and it looks like there has been little change in the signal footprint used for the Satback service…***hearing cheers from expats in the South of Spain and Portugal that they still have their UK TV from this service!!!**

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  20 Responses to “Intelsat 901 has taken over Intelsat 907 operations at 27.5 West”

  1. Dont forget cheer from expat here in Catalonia! Thanks for good news

  2. Dear Satman can you tell me if a satellite dish positioned for i907 will need any slight angle adjustment for i901?

    • Should not need any adjustment really, as I901 slotted in pretty much next to O907, in the same “box”, so your dish should be fine receiving it.

  3. Didn’t even notice the change over here in the Algarve; reception still as good as ever with a 1.4m dish.

    • Most general users should not notice any difference, but it will have been noticeable with a slight change in the db for the channels, for those with such measuring equipment

  4. I noticed my signal quality went from about 65 to 62%. In line with expectaion? Sadly now if lt rains heavily the quality goes to 58 and I lose the picture.

  5. I have just lost all my Intelsat 901 SATBACK channels yesterday here in Catalonia ( message on all channels saying no signal) , I still have the Astra satellite channels but no BBC , ITV etc . Is this just me or anybody else having issues? I have a Gi Phoenix Lite receiver.


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  7. Same her. No signal for all channels (Tarragona, Catalonia).

    • Interesting, as no one else is reporting any issues , so either a coincidence two people out of the many that use the system have an issue, or there is a very specific issue in your area…or your dish is not 100% aligned, or it is no “just under” the minimum requirements for the new satellite…although i can see the signals are pretty much the same as before

  8. Guys i am in Calafell Catalonia and still get channels but they are less quality..61% when i think before was 65%. If rains heavily then I lose them ..quality goes to 58% which is worryingly only 3% less. I have 80cm dish. I did not need a retune. Can answer any further queries on my box or setup. One for Satman…. can bigger dish help for quality as well as strength? (My strength seems ok at 75% but as I say quality 61%).

    • Quality, is as it says, the level of the quality of the signal.
      Too low, and there is simply not enough data available for the receiver to sort out a full image.
      Yes a larger dish can help quality, as can a different LNB, the LNB skew angle, and cabling…and a different tuner… as a tuner that measures only in percentages is not very reliable (a percentage of what), and a different tuner will have different components so its percentage will be different…only one that measures in dB, the actual measurement of signals, can be relied upon for an accurate signal reading

  9. Thanks Satman.
    Catalunya Guys do you still have no signals?
    I thought mine had gone today as had no signal. Switching box off from remote and on again (as worked in I907 days) did not fix it. Unplugging from wall and back in 10s later didn’t work either. But unplugging and plugging back in 30s later did work.
    You have probably tried this but I mention just in case….

  10. Thanks, I tried the reboot but to no avail. I have a 90cm dish and had a decent signal previously. I have a friend who also lives in Tarragona who has also lost reception totally ( he has a 1m dish)

  11. Hi I have an Icecrypt S1600CHD decoder box which has been working fine with 907 and Astra2. I haven’t been out to Spain this year for obvious reasons but am looking at coming out at the end of the year all being well. I’ve read (on here) that its now 901 not 907. Is there anyone out there that is using the Icecrypt receiver and receiving the English programs BBC/ITV. Would be grateful of some feed back. Do I need a new decoder if so what should I be looking for. Many thanks

    • Only the satellite has changed, but not the transmissions or frequencies, so no changes are required to your existing receiver at all.

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  13. I also gave an Icecrypt box have just returned to Spain and no signal .We have a 1 metre dish, any ideas on how to fix this please.

    • YOu need to do the usual checks…dish alignment, LNB, cable, connections, and the receiver.
      No point starting at the receiver if you do not know if your dish is aligned correctly.

      Nothing technical has changed, re signals or encryption

  14. hiya , have recently changed my dish arm due to rusted away and re aligned it to same place and got full sat finder signal but no channels on reciever just no signal box , is tm5402 and wondering if had no signal for few weeks would all the setup biss codes etc have to re done ? i tried to do them anyway buy got stuck when box wants 32 numbers and any codes i can find are 16 !! 1m dish in lisbon area portugal

    • If you got signal, but no channels, the you are probably on the wrong satellite.

      If looking for I901 at 27.5 , and have good strong signals, then you are probably aligned to Hispasat at 30!

      even with no biss codes, then you would still be able to see a signal for the channels, and “scrambled” message.

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