Apr 182020

Sky announce launch date named for new Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature channels

Sky has confirmed the launch date for two new factual channels Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature debut on May 27, 2020

Also on this date, the channels HISTORY will be renamed to become Sky HISTORY.

Channel numbers are to be confirmed.

What’s on Sky Documentaries?

Hillary (11th June) provides a remarkably intimate portrait of public woman Hillary Clinton
McMillions (27th May) tells the story of a gaming scam that lasted a decade
Ali Vs Cavett (29th May) portrays the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali through the lens of his frequent appearances on the Dick Cavett Show;
Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men (24th June) looks back on the group’s career combining intimate and reflective interviews from each of the nine living members
The Plastic Nile (1st June) looks at the devastating effect of plastic pollution on the world’s longest river.

What’s on Sky Nature?

Wild Animal Babies (30th May): a Sky Original series which follows Patrick Aryee and an adorable cast of baby animal characters as they face their first days, weeks and months on planet Earth.
Programmes from LoveNature include Gangs of Lemur Island (27th May), Africa’s Underwater Wonders (27th May) and Mysteries of the Mekong (28th May).

What’s on Sky History?

The UnXplained with William Shatner, discovering stories that have mystified mankind for centuries (9th June);
Ancient Superstructures (1st June) explores the unique investigations into the engineering mysteries behind the world’s most breath-taking ancient monuments.
Secret Wars Uncovered (19th June) reveals the facts behind battles that were shrouded in corruption and misinformation.


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