Apr 222020

Talking Pictures TV and Coronavirus

When major commercial broadcasters like ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, and SKy and BT say they are struggling with the lack of income from the drop in adverts, it comes as no surprise that some of the smaller channels will also be affected.

One of the more popular free channels, on UK TV is Talking pictures.

Run by a man and his daughter from their house, Talking Pictures offers a range of niche programming, old classic movies and TV programmes.
But they are now suffering, which will be a great loss to their viewers.

Talking Pictures offered this statement recently

It’s been difficult at Talking Pictures TV HQ this week. As you know we rely on adverts to pay all the bills to keep us on air for you all – for free. Without adverts, we have no way of putting a shilling or two in the meter and paying for all the film rights, the transmission centre, the satellites, the cables, etc. With the current situation we don’t have any advertisers. There are no cruises, no holidays, no products to advertise as all the warehouses are closed, so we are grateful for any adverts we can get at the moment. In these difficult times I thought I should make you aware of the situation as sadly we don’t get a license fee to help towards the costs. It’s more important now than ever that you go forth as Talking Pictures TV ambassadors and spread the word in any way you can. There have been some great supporters of ours on Radio Shows ringing in to make people aware of us; also newspapers and articles talking about how Talking Pictures TV is their safe haven. I know everyone appreciates the work Dad and I do for you all, but honestly if there was ever a time we needed you to campaign for us, it is now.


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