Apr 232020

How to add Channel 4 HD to your Arris UHD-X Freesat box

Channel 4 HD was removed from Freesat on Thursday 22nd February 2018

But you can still watch C4HD on a Freesat box.

This guide shows you the way to tune Channel 4 HD on an Arris UHD-X Freesat box in Non Freesat mode

“Non Freesat Mode” allows you to add free to air channels that are not found on the Freesat channel list.

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Step by Step Insrtuctions
Press the HOME button on the remote
Navigate to Settings and press Ok
Navigate to System Settings and press OK
Navigate to Freesat Box Mode
And then RIGHT to Manual mode and press Ok
Navigate to Continue and press OK
Press OK and select USER DEFINED
Down to NEXT and press OK
Input the C4HD Frequency:
Frequency 11126
Polarization Vertical
Symbol Rate 22000
Transmission DVBS
FEC 5/6
(correct as at April 2020)
Down to Start Channel Search and press OK
The box will then take 15 second to scan and find the two free channels on that frequency.
And it will allocate them non Freesat channel numbers…which start in the 5000
Press OK to watch C4HD

To return to Freesat Press HOME and Back to Freesat
And go through the whole of the Freesat Set Up Wizard again…
As this box annoyingly does not save Freesat and non Freesat channels when you swap between the two modes.

See here : for how to add C4HD to a Freesat Humax set top box


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  2 Responses to “How to add Channel 4 HD to your Arris UHD-X Freesat box”

  1. It doesn’t work on my Arris box. Frequency needs to be input twice (1st time it only allows 4 digits). Symbol rate wont allow 5 digits. Then “Search channels” button is inaccessible… back button refuses to work too. Have latest software of 20 May.

    • Well as you can see from the video, it does work, but I have not tried it on the new firmware yet…but then sounds just like everyone else who has found so many issues with these boxes… so rushed…come back HUMAX, put us out of our misery!

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