Jun 032020

BBC announces there will be no EastEnders for two months.

The Walford-based soap will be taking a break as the pre-filmed episodes run out.

The last episode of BBC soap will air on Tuesday, June 16.

EastEnders was forced to shut down filming in mid March, dropping its weekly input down to two episodes a week in an attempt to keep it on air for as long as possible.

Cast and crew are planning to resume filming in the coming weeks, although the “social distancing” rules will mean some changes as to how the characters will interact with each other.

However the BBC has confirmed that it will be airing a set of special “behind the scenes” episodes instead.

EastEnders: Secrets From The Square will air kick off on Monday, June 22 and will offer fans a chance to get a sneak peek into life behind the scenes. Hosted by Stacey Dooley, various members of the cast will be sharing some juicy secrets from behind the scenes, as well as offering insight on what it’s like to play their characters.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday nights viewers will get the chance to relive some iconic EastEnders episodes – from Max and Stacey’s affair reveal to ‘Divorce Papers’.


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