Jun 062020

Premier League fixtures on UK TV in June

Here is a full list of Premier League matches taking place in June, and which channels they will be on.

Matches will be shown on pay TV (Sky Sports and BT Sports), with a number of games being shown free on BBC, Amazon Prime, and on Pick TV.

Sky Sports will offer “Sky Sports Crowds” – run in association with EA Sports – where it will provide bespoke and team-specific crowd noise and chants to replicate the atmosphere of Premier League clashes. Viewers will be able to select the Sky channel to watch with the added sound or without it.

Wednesday 17th June
18:00 Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports)
20:15 Man City v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Friday 19th June
18:00 Norwich City v Southampton (Sky Sports/Pick)
20:15 Spurs v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Saturday 20th June
12:30 Watford v Leicester City (BT Sport)
15:00 Brighton v Arsenal (BT Sport)
17:30 West Ham v Wolves (Sky Sports)
19:45 AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (BBC)

Sunday 21st June
14:00 Newcastle United v Sheffield Utd (Sky Sports/Pick)
16:15 Aston Villa v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
19:00 Everton v Liverpool (Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday 22nd June
20:00 Man City v Burnley (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 23rd June
18:00 Leicester City v Brighton (Sky Sports)
20:15 Spurs v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 24th June
18:00 Man Utd v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports/Pick)
18:00 Newcastle United v Aston Villa (BT Sport)
18:00 Norwich City v Everton (BBC)
18:00 Wolves v AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport)
20:15 Liverpool v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Thursday 25th June
18:00 Burnley v Watford (Sky Sports/Pick)
18:00 Southampton v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
20:15 Chelsea v Man City (BT Sport)

Saturday 27th June
12:30 Aston Villa v Wolves (BT Sport)

Sunday 28th June
16:30 Watford v Southampton (Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday 29th June
20:00 Crystal Palace v Burnley (Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday 30th June
20:15 Brighton v Man Utd (Sky Sports/Pick)

Wednesday 1st July
18:00 Arsenal v Norwich City (BT Sport)
18:00 AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United (Sky Sports/Pick)
18:00 Everton v Leicester City (Sky Sports)
20:15 West Ham v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Thursday 2 July
18:00 Sheffield Utd v Spurs (Sky Sports)
20:15 Man City v Liverpool (Sky Sports)


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