Jun 232020

In the next few weeks some Spanish TV channels will be changing frequencies.

Due to the selling off of some of the TV range of terrestrial frequencies for 5g data services, Spanish TV channels on those frequencies are having to move to new frequencies.

So the channels in the  700-800 MHz range will be switched off on the 1st July 2020.

For most people this will affect the TVE range of channels, like La 1, La2, Clan, TDT, and 24H (the news channel, which are on the 770Mhz frequency.

For those people with their own personal aerial, then no equipment changes are required. All that needs to be done is a digital channel rescan on your TV (or TDT set top box). This scan can be done now, as the channels are being “dual transmitted” on both old and new frequencies.

For people who live in a community or have a shared aerial system, then you will need to wait until the aerial equipment has been reconfigured for the new frequencies before you rescan. Your Community President should be able to arrange this with an engineer.






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