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Is Virgin Media “cardsharing” about to end, and will it impact your IPTV? — 2 Comments

  1. And today, it appears the great Virgin Media old box switch off has started, with people reporting on forums their old boxes are no longer working. So expect VM cardshare services to end soon, and IPTV providers who use such systems abd feeds to lose channels.

    And to confirm this, this question was posted on a VM Forum today, and answered by VM :
    Q) My gran has a old virgin tv box and out of no where all her channels have disappeared, she is paying her monthly bills ect, iv tried following the instructions on line but they are for the newer boxes

    A) All of the oldest V boxes were decommissioned on the 1st July.
    This hasn’t been out of nowhere, for the last couple of years Virgin Media have been contacting customers with these boxes at different times to offer a swap to their a TiVo or V6 box.
    There have also been many on screen messages advising the boxes will stop working.
    You will now need to contact Virgin Media to get a new box arranged for delivery or installation.

  2. Sounds like “my gran” as named in the above VM forum post might be the main cardsharing culprit then lol

    Shame all these channels have gone off but could be easier to hack since it is now completely cardless – who knows?
    Guess somebody is going to have to start taking tivo boxes apart pretty soon. Anyone got a spare soldering iron ?

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