Sep 122020

ITV are currently testing three new ITV1 HD regions on satellite.

These regions are Central West, Meridian South and London.

So some Sky HD box users may notice that their 103 which is currently ITV 1 SD (Standard Definition), may revert to ITV1 HD soon.

ITV1 HD on Freesat will remain on Freesat channel 111.

However, these three new regions are testing on frequencies on the UK beam.

And those particular frequencies are very weak here in Spain, especially in my service area, where :

  • A 125x135cm dish can struggle to receive these frequencies.
  • A 1.8m dish can , with the correct LNB, just about receive these frequencies.

So if you struggle receiving ITV1 HD on Sky channel 103, then you will need to use the SD version on Sky channel 803 instead.

Below you can see the ITV1 regions that are testing and their frequencies.

Astra 2F @ 28.5°E 12168 V 27500 id=5109 V pids=519 A pids=650 Central West
Astra 2E @ 28.2°E 12362 V 27500 id=5106 V pids=516 A pids=646 Meridian East
Astra 2E @ 28.2°E 12362 V 27500 id=5107 V pids=512 A pids=640 London

Strangely these two frequencies are Sky operated frequencies, and not operated ITV frequencies. So perhaps this change is not definite, just a test, and perhaps they may move to ITV operated (and easier to receive here in Spain) frequencies at a later date?


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