Oct 012020

Today a number of childrens channels have been closed down, and a few moved to new channel numbers.

Disney have closed down most of their channels on satellite.

Content will now be shown on their Disney+ online subscription service.

Disney channels removed from Sky today are :

‘Disney Jnr HD’ 607
‘Disney Junior+’ 608
‘Disney Chnl HD’ 609
‘Disney Chnl+1’ 610
‘Disney XD HD’ 611
‘Disney Junior’ 643
‘Disney Chnl’ 644
‘Disney XD’ 645

The removal of the linear Disney channels is currently restricted to the United Kingdom and will not affect other European countries. Other channels from Disney, including National Geographic and Fox, will continue to be available on Sky.

Also, channel number changes for CBBC and Cbeebies today.

‘CBBC HD’ has moved from 613 to 607
‘CBeebies HD’ has moved from 614 to 608

‘CBBC’ has moved from 646 to 643
‘CBeebies’ has moved from 647 to 644


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