Oct 032020

Over the past week or so ITV have been changing and adding their ITV1 HD channels and regions.

These changes have meant that all but two ITV1 regions now have their own HD regional variation. The two ITV regions without their own HD regional variation are ITV Border Scotland and ITV Channel TV.

With these changes, some of the ITV1 HD regions have moved to different frequencies. And two of these new frequencies are very weak in the Valencia / Costa Blanca area. A 125x135cm satellite dish can just about receive these two frequencies, but it is very area dependent, with northern Costa Blanca / Valencia areas being better off. A 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dish should have no issues receiving these frequencies, as long as the satellite dish and LNB are perfectly aligned.

The ITV1 HD regions on this weak frequency are :

ITV Central West HD
ITV Meridian East HD
ITV London HD

So if using a Sky HD digibox or Freesat Set Top Box, you may have to located the SD (standard definition) version of these regions. On a Sky HD digibox, this is on Sky channel 803.

Or you can add another ITV1 HD region to your Sky HD digibox to your “other channels” section. If using a Sky card to regionalise your channel 103, then the only way you can change ITV1 region with a Sky card it to change the UK address of where the Sky card is registered.

On a Freesat box, you can go through the Freesat Wizard and choose another UK postcode to allocate a different ITV1 HD region to your Freesat Set Top Box.

With only two ITV1 regions left to “go HD”, this may mean that ITV is close to closing down all of its SD channels, and going fully HD. This would help save money by not having to pay for all the frequencies that are using. This may mean that anyone using a SD Sky Digibox, or old SD Freesat box, may need to get a HD receiver. But we will keep an eye out on this should this happen.

We have updated out ITV channel frequencies table here with the new ITV1 HD frequencies, should you wish to add them to your Sky box “other channels”, or your “generic” HD satellite receiver.


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