Oct 162020

On Tuesday 20th October 2020, there will be some changes to some ITV1 regions.

There will be some ITV1 regions closing down:

ITV SD closes in Border England, Anglia West, Meridian North and Yorkshire East.

ITV+1 closes in Anglia, West, Tyne Tees, Westcountry, Wales and Yorkshire.

However, you will not lose your ITV1 SD versions. You will simply be allocated a new ITV1 region. For Example, If you receive ITV1 Yorkshire East you will now receive ITv1 Yorkshire, and amalgamation of ITV1 Yorkshire East and West. Some loss of regional news, and localised advertising. So viewers will not lose anything. But this does seem to be the first stage in ITV closing down all their SD channels, and preparing to go HD only…

Sky and Freesat box users will not have to do anything, as these changes will be done automatically. Viewers using generic “free to air” satellite boxes, or the satellite TV tuner in your TV, will have to use an alternative ITV1 region from your channel list, as your TV and channel numbers will not update automatically.

On the same day, ITV HD launches in Yorkshire East, Central East, Anglia West, Meridian North and Meridian South. The correct version of ITV HD will now be available in almost every region for Sky/Freesat viewers, except Channel Islands and Border Scotland.

Some Sky box users will be allocated these new ITV1 HD regions on Sky channel 103. Some users may find their satellite dish is now too small, or not aligned correctly, or using a poor make of dish, or poor make of LNB, and cannot receive ITV1 HD on 103. However you should still have access to ITV1 SD on Sky channel 803. ( as previously mentioned in a previous post : https://www.satandpcguy.com/2020/10/03/itv-hd-satellite-changes/ )

But closing all these SD ITV regional versions, ITV are saving about one entire transponders worth of capacity, so I dare say we can expect some more shuffling around of ITV channels, and maybe some of those “hard to receive” ITV 1 HD regions move to easier to receive frequencies.


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