Apr 102021

A reminder of some UK TV changes for ITV1 and ITV1 HD and ITVBE that will be happening on Monday 13th April 2021.

Since late last year, ITV has been making changes to how it uses its local ITV1 regions. The aim has been to make ITV1 HD as the default option to Sky HD and Freesat HD users.

To do this and increase capacity on their satellite transponders for more ITV1 HD regional versions, they have been closing some of the standard definition regional versions of ITV1. Also, ITVBE+1 will also be closed.

And so viewers will have noticed that they have now been allocated ITV1 HD on Sky channel number 103, and Freesat channel 103. (Unless you are in the Channel Islands, who do not yet have a HD version of ITV1 available to them!)

For most in the Costa Blanca and Valencia area, as long as you have a well aligned satellite dish measuring a minimum of 110x120cm, then you should be able to receive ITV1 HD perfectly fine (apart from in periods of heavy rain).

(I recently went to someone who had only had their 125x135cm dish installed in the last year, who were told that ITV1HD was not available in Spain. A change of LNB and a few alignment tweaks, and ITV1HD was available to them, along with about a dozen other channels (like Quests, Dave, Yesterday) that they had not been able to receive since their dish was installed!)

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