May 112021

It appears that ITV are still rearranging their channels on satellite.

In recent weeks we have had closure of some ITV 1 SD and ITV1+1 SD regions, new ITV1 HD regions appears, ITVBE+1 close, and ITV3 move to a new frequency ( )

And today it appears that ITV1 SD London, Granada and Wales, may be moving frequency soon also.

Transmissions for these three ITV1 SD regions, currently on 10.758 V, have appeared on another ITV operated frequency, 10.891 H 22000 5/6 DVBS QPSK, indicating a probably transponder swap soon.

Users with Sky or Freesat boxes will notice no change nor need to do anything, as the changes will be automatic.

Users of other satellite receivers will need to perform a channel rescan to continue to receive these channels.

There should be no change in reception, both signals are about the same reception, so in my service area a well aligned 110x120cm dish will have no issues with these signals.


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  1. And today confirmed as ITV Meridian SE has now changed transponder moving from 12.363V to 12.236H

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