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Confirmation of the latest ITV changes on satellite — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the info.
    You don’t happen to have any news on when itv hd will be available in the Channel Islands (without having to manually add a different itv HD region) do you?

    • No idea.
      I think they are the only ones with a HD version.
      Perhaps when then start to rearrange their HD channels back on to ITV transponders (a few are on Sky transponders at the moment whilst they do all these changes), they will find room for ITV1 CI HD

  2. I have a Teleco sat on my motorhome and am unable to receive any ITV channels (sound but no picture) have tried retuning the TV several times but no luck. Any idea how I realign the dish?

    • Perhaps the issue is something else rather than dish alignment, otherwise if the dish was out of alignment, you would not be getting anything, but as you are getting sound no picture, suggests an issue with the connection between the TV and receiver…or even an issue with the TV screen…?

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